102614_51316_0.jpgNew Life Chairs developed out of years of making and refinishing furniture.  Over the years, I  have seen many old chairs, stands, and small tables.   A lot of those old pieces were in terrible condition through misuse and neglect; furniture that most people would walk past or throw in the dumpster, given their appearance.  Many were orignally made by wonderfully skilled craftsmen. They just needed to be repaired, reconstructed and then repurposed.

It is an arduous process of cleaning, scraping, sanding, and priming.  Next it is painted a color that coordinates with the selected fabric.  High quality foam is used for the seats and this is covered by designer fabric.  Lastly, comes the hand painted detailing to highlight the original beauty of each piece.  The end result is a colorful piece of classic furniture repurposed to enhance any home decor.  The chairs are transended from past generations to a more modern colorful  piece that will bring light and cheer to any room.  It has given these chairs New Life.  I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

One of the other things that I do is custom work. I have done a number of chairs that individuals have brought to me. Lots of people have old chairs in various stages of disrepair. Some of these items have been with them for a long time and one just cannot bring themselves to discard it. I can, in most cases, restore your confidence in yourself as to why you kept that piece that everyone said "throw that thing out".  I do not think that  you can bring me a chair any worse than most on my web site were at one time. My before and after pictures are by no means the worst that I have fixed, really, by no means!
Send me a picture, or call me. I will be happy to tell you if I think that I can fix it to your liking. I will need to physically  see the piece to give a quote. This also gives the customer the opportunity to pick colors and fabrics with almost limitless choices. You may also bring your own or purchase your own fabric.

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